Christina Diana


With Christina Diana

Looking inwards to build finesse and strength through

body movement in Yoga and Barre.


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place something in a sacred way

place something in a sacred way

Vinyasa Yoga

Yoga sequences that creatively flow through postures with the breath and range from gentle to power levels.

look to the moon to find stillness

look to the moon to find stillness

Yin Yoga

A slow, invigorating practice holding postures up to 5 minutes which stretch the connective tissues and in effect balance the internal organs and systems.

seek balance in the eight limbs

seek balance in the eight limbs

Ashtanga Yoga

A dynamic practice that incorporates sun salutations with a set order of increasingly challenging postures synchronised with the breath to achieve one pointed focus.


Yoga for Golfers

Inner strengthening and lengthening of the core and spine through twist, flow sequences and breathing meditation to build power in the swing and mental game.

A golfer has to learn to enjoy the process of striving to improve.
That process, not the end result, enriches life.
— Dr. Bob Rotella, Sports Psychologist


Dance workouts inspired by ballet, yoga, and pilates which focus on strength building in the arms, core, and glutes.


Private Lessons

Practice in a 1-to-1 or 2-to-1 setting where lessons are tailored to you. This is perfect for individuals wanting to deepen their practice at their own pace and receive more individual feedback than they would in a group class.


Event Classes

A healthy alternative for promoting team building and wellness for corporate, sport clubs, and family or wedding party events.



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