As a certified yoga and barre instructor, I guide others with building strength, balance, and flexibility through empowering body movement and breath.

My personal experience of integrating yoga and dance into my fitness routine has shaped my mind and body to be stronger and resilient in other sports performance and in handling everyday life.

Whether you are a newbie or an elite athlete, I will work with you to craft a practice suited to your abilities which complement and help you achieve your fitness goals.


Roads go ever ever on…

At five years old I started ballet lessons at Bayside Recreation Center in my hometown of Virginia Beach, Virginia. My love for dance blossomed from dance sessions to Santana music with my Dad, rocking out to Jane Fonda aerobics in my lime green swimsuit, and my first jazz teacher, Diane, who saw me dance at six years old at a Fisherman’s Wharf festival in Monterey, California and knew I had the heart to be a dancer. I continued my dance education in ballet, jazz, modern, and creative movement throughout my childhood and adolescence, where I attended Old Donation School for Dance and trained with Ballet Caliente Classical School of Dance. In high school, I was Co-Captain of our Great Mills Dance Team from my sophomore through senior year where I collaborated on hip hop, jazz, and kickline choreography, taught and led my dance family to win at regional competitions.

Moving through the art of dance has continuously been an emotional outlet which has brought pure joy and colour to my life. It was only after an unintentional eight year hiatus from dance, during University and most of my 20’s with my nose to the grindstone in the architecture engineering industry where work was prioritised over life, that I realised my degrading mental and physical health. I had worked hard for a Bachelors and Masters degrees and the architecture jobs I thought I wanted, but at the end of the day I was burnt out and overwhelmed. So I made the decision to jump right back into dance and forgetting that my body was not as resilient as it was in my adolescence, I dislocated my knee in a modern dance class where it would be another 3 years until I had the courage to go back to dance. In this disheartening time of injury recovery, I discovered Barre which was not only a blast of a workout, but helped rebuild my whole body strength and gain the confidence to dance again.

As I grew up in a Navy family, I developed the ability to adapt and be open to new places, people and experiences from moving across the United States. My family picked up golf at the various military bases we moved to and soon I was competing in regional tournaments at the age of seven where I was often the only girl. In coordination with my dance, competitive golf was a significant part of my childhood through to my young adult life. With my Dad as my main coach, we trained all year regardless of the weather, be it raining or snowing, from teeing off at 5:30am and drills till the sunset. Our family summer vacations were usually wherever I had a tournament and I was fortunate to travel nationwide for these competitions. I have won various regional and state titles in Maryland and Virginia, was Captain of my high school’s all boy golf team, earned a spot on the Mid-Atlantic Junior Girls Team, and played on scholarship for High Point University’s Division 1 Women’s Golf Team. While I no longer compete at the level I once did, I wholeheartedly love being outside on the golf course and truly know the lows and highs of this humbling game.

Now for my road to yoga, I was introduced to it later in my teenage years as a requirement to complement my dance training. Before I knew it I was seeking out yoga classes regularly and building my home practice from Denise Austin and YouTube yoga videos. I was astounded that yoga made me feel all-around great in body and mind. It has been the common thread that interlaces my other dedications of dance and golf, and strengthens my performance physically and grounds me mentally. Yoga has continued to be a positive force in my life and so much so that I transitioned my career to teach, after 17 years of practice, and share the goodness of yoga with others. I completed my 200hr teacher training with Meadowlark Yoga in Edinburgh, Scotland and I’m delighted that it continues to be my safe haven to practice at.

Thus far, the nature of my journey has been to open my heart to ever learning and growing with wholesome body movement through yoga and barre. I invite you to join me in guiding you to build a fulfilling practice that is a gesture of self love and meaningful to you.

From my heart to yours,

Christina Diana

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